Internship & Mentorship Program

TSA Watch is developing a Student Internship Program. For that we need both interns and mentors.

If you know students who might be interested in resume building experience, please send them our way.  We will be happy to work with their university programs to help them gain practice in their desired fields, and even college credit while doing so.

This is a great opportunity to gain mentored experience in everything from graphic arts to website development, from script writing to audio and video production, from marketing to advertising and public relations.

We can offer a great opportunity for political science and law students as well.

Think of all the work we need to do. Helping us recruit and develop interns will accelerate this.

If you are an experienced or credentialed professional in one of these areas, you could offer service as a mentor/intern coordinator in your field–which will help the students earn actual college credit for their contributions.

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