TSA Watch has taken on an incredible task.

The TSA had an annual budget of over $7 Billion for around 55,500 employees, plus an unknown number of consultants for 2014.

As of this writing, TSA Watch has raised just over $11,000 in six months from around 70 people. (Thank you!)  We have one staff member (chronically underpaid), and fewer than ten part time volunteers so far–but that’s all going to change.

To meet our goals, we need to attract more support: Money and Time.

We are meant to be a citizens movement, and that means we need to move citizens, to join us and build a top notch team.

Our success will be directly related to the quality of the of volunteers who join us, and our ability to work with them to accomplish goals.

To that end, we are actively seeking Volunteers and Student Interns in every relevant field.

Please review our pages under this category to see what roles we seek to fill, both in terms of volunteers and student interns.

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