TSA Watch Update: Non-Profit Status Imminent!

Land of the Free

Good news on our funding campaign! We are almost halfway to our two-week goal and have reached an important milestone!

With $220 in donations from six people through the donation site (www.gofundme.com/TSAWatch), and today a $500 direct donation, that brings us to $720 so far — almost halfway.

From our April 15 post: “Our immediate goal for the rest of April is to raise at least $2,000, just a fraction of our $35,000 start-up goal. That will cover the non-profit filing fees and allow us to hire the help we need for the next infrastructure building steps. The sooner we raise the full amount, the sooner we can launch this organization on the scale needed.”

Well, we have enough now for the 501(c)3 non-profit status IRS Filing Fees portion of our goal. We will jump right on that and get it filed as soon as the donation clears.   Our thanks to John Cokos, Founder of the Law Project Foundation, for the $500 milestone donation that pays our IRS filing fee.

Please share our site, encourage your friends to watch our videos and chip in today.

The sooner we reach our goals, the sooner we can build the infrastructure that will attract tens of thousands of people to join with us as we reassert our rights to travel unmolested.

Also, we are in need of volunteers. Please consider helping with your time.

Thank you,
Evan Cutler, Founding Director, TSA Watch.

“TSA Watch will help reclaim our freedom to travel free from molestation.”  ~Evan Cutler, 2015