TSA Watch Progress Update: Corporate Non-Profit Banking Account Established

TSA Watch Progress Update: It was a long week with much behind the scenes work.

Opening a corporate bank account has been completed. This was necessary to begin collecting our matching contributions, but also as a matter of professional business.

It was more challenging than expected, with our Board members in three corners of the continent, and banks wanting to see who they are dealing with. This required legal and banking research, calling a Special Board meeting, passing resolutions, and more…It’s good to be over that hurdle.

Thanks to the professionals at Bank of America for quality service rendered throughout this process.

Now people can actually write checks to TSA Watch (or TSA Watch, Inc., if you prefer). And TSA Watch can write checks, use Visa to pay for things, and so on. Banking should be simple from now on.

Also, we made progress on preparing for our new media campaign, and preparing for the discussion area for the website.

My apologies, but I’m just a couple days behind schedule on getting the discussion area up, and am taking a weekend. I will update as soon as we’re ready for group discussion via the website.

Thanks again, to all who have shown support for this project.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, concerns, or support.


Evan Cutler, President, TSA Watch