TSA Watch: Our Largest Contribution Yet! And More News…

Hello Everyone!

It is with great appreciation that I’m happy to announce that we received a major contribution of $2,000 today!

Even better, that money will be doubled to $4,000 thanks to our dollar-for-dollar matching grant from Cyan Bannister!

Contributions are now tax-deductible for most donors.

The most recent donations leave us with $2,970 in matching funds available, to match the next contributions, as they come in.

If you are considering making a donation, this is a great time to do so, as your impact will be doubled.

As the organizer of TSA Watch, I’ve been frustrated as circumstances made it very difficult to make additional progress the past two months.  Frankly, I was in a difficult living circumstance caring for too many animals, in a remote place with inadequate communications infrastructure.  But I worked to change that, while awaiting our non-profit status and doing what I could in the meantime.

Moving to West Palm Beach, Florida two days ago, I am now in a more urban environment, with no animals to care for.  Better yet, I once again have modern telecommunications infrastructure; I can finally communicate via high speed internet and reliable telephone connections once again.   This will greatly improve my ability to work with others throughout the country, as well as restarting our radio outreach campaign.

Armed with the support of the current contributions, I will return to this effort in full force next week.

We are planning to make July and August breakout months for our efforts to spread the word and build the quality team needed to achieve the goals of TSA Watch.

We have a long way to go, and all of your help together will enable us to get there far more quickly.   I appreciate everyone who has reached out so far with your encouragement, suggestions, and help.

One of our next steps is to open up the discussion, by providing an area on our website for people to share their stories, and to begin working together to expand our efforts.

You will be invited to participate as soon as we get that area online–expected before the end of next week.

While we have had a slower start than I’d hoped, real progress has been made.

From creating our initial plan and videos, to initiating our www.GoFundMe.com\TSAWatch Campaign…,

…from building our website TSAWatch.org, to securing and conducting initial radio interviews…,

…from forming a Board and Incorporating, to applying for and winning our IRS approved 501(c)3 non-profit  status,

…the progress has been real and steady.

We have some of the necessary infrastructure and are almost ready to unfurl more.  This effort will continue, and we intend to make a real difference by achieving the goals outlined in our launch video.

Each of you are welcome to contact me with your suggestions, comments, concerns, and offers to help in this effort at any time.

Thank you to everyone so far for your support!

And please keep spreading the word!


Evan Cutler, Founding Director, TSA Watch

-a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization


PS: Help this project go viral!  Please watch and share our TSA Watch introductory video: https://youtu.be/i_ra_OuKCUg