TSA Watch Founder Update – Project Launch Phase II – Current Goals

Hello Citizens and Guest Travelers,

TSA Watch is part way along the path from a dream, to a successful organization.  We are working on our goals as we receive funding. We sure could use your help—even if you think it’s not much.

Update: As of April 15th, less than three months after launching, we have raised 15% of our initial goals. While it’s far less than we need to do this job quickly, we have used that money to develop TSA Watch infrastructure.  We are moving in the right direction.

As of April 15th, we have formed a Board of Directors, are incorporated, have published two videos and scripted others, and have developed some basic infrastructure on our website, Facebook, and Twitter.   We have also conducted several radio interviews and will be making ourselves available for more soon.

A few people may be frustrated in our rate of progress.  Please be aware, it takes time and effort to turn a dream into a reality, from scratch.    It also take resources.

We need to raise more money as soon as possible to file for our non-profit status with the IRS.  The paperwork is ready, but it costs money to submit and takes time to be approved.

Once we have official non-profit status, we can receive tax deductible contributions, but more than that, we can gain support from other non-profits and foundations.

Our immediate goal for the rest of April is to raise at least $2,000, just a fraction of our $35,000 start-up goal. That will cover the non-profit filing fees, the current web expenses, and allow us to hire the help we need for the next infrastructure building steps.

The sooner we raise the full amount, the sooner we can launch this organization on the scale needed. You can donate with credit or debit card now through our fundraising site at www.GoFundMe.com/TSAWatch.  We also can accept Bitcoin, checks, or other direct donations if you prefer–just contact us and we will find away to accept what you can share.

If you would prefer to help directly, we also need volunteers for multiple tasks.  We would love to help you find ways to help us with your time and experience.  Please use our Contact Form to let us know how you would like to help.  High on our list of needs includes help with writing, web and graphic design, video production, and media relations (booking interviews).

Please help spread the word.  Tell your friends about TSA Watch.  Share our information through social media.

In the meantime, each day that passes sees more stories of TSA Agents harassing, molesting, assaulting and otherwise abusing the traveling public.

Only by working together will we change this. Please Join us!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please use our Contact Form, and ask me directly.

Thank you for your support,

Evan Cutler, TSA Watch, Founding Director

Together We Can Do It with Margin