Stand With Us – TSA Watch Project Update and Video

Hello Everyone,

First a huge thank you to all our donors. As you can see, we’ve now passed $4,000 and are over 12% of the way to our goal!

I am ready to lead this project to success!

But I can’t do it alone. And we need to ramp up the effort as soon as possible.

First, we must reach our funding goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it wasn’t built for free. It will take time and money to develop the web and video infrastructure to handle 20,000 + new members joining in rapid succession–and we want to build it right, so it can expand to over a million members without breaking.

I’ve mapped most of what we need, but it won’t happen without resources and time.

Aside from money, we need to recruit a larger team of volunteers, and when funded, paid professionals.

Here are some of the roles we need to fill:

0. Board Members and Advisory Board Members,
1. Help with the website development and upkeep,
2. Platform androgynous phone and tablet app developers (initially to flow chart the phone app, then to build it, and make it better),
3. Alpha Testers & Beta Testers,
4. Writers and Web Forum Moderators,
5. Videographers – to work for us in the field,
6. Video Editors,
7. Graphic Designers,
8. A Bookkeeper,
9. A Certified Public Accountant,
10. A legal team. Volunteer and paid. We need legal research, counsel, and potential fighters,
11. News Release Writers,
12. Volunteers to help book/schedule radio interviews,
13. Techies to help us develop tools to document TSA abuses,
14. Volunteers to help systematically spread the word about TSA Watch by posting comments on all relevant forums, news article comment sections, and so on, and
15. I could use a couple copy editors to check my writing before release.

16. As soon as we have an office, we will also be recruiting interns in a variety of areas including public relations, media development, and video production.

No one can master every area at once. To coordinate a group of over 20,000 members will take a real team of quality people.

The point is, while we need money, we also need a team. In my experience as an activist, both tend to grow concurrently.

My job is to hold to focus on the goals, not give up, and make the decisions along the way to make this dream real, as soon as possible. It’s a big task we’ve set, but we will do it. And we’ll do it a lot more quickly with your help.

Please do what you can to keep the help flowing in, so we can make a difference much sooner.

Okay, here is the new video. Please share it all over.