Radio Show Tomorrow, Tuesday August 11th @ 9:02 AM EST, 6:02 PST.

TSA Watch Radio Show Tomorrow, Tuesday August 10th @ 9:02 AM EST. You can hear this anywhere.

Just click the link,┬áthen look for the “Live Stream” button in the upper left and click on that.

9:02 AM EST, 6:02 AM PST, 5:02 AM AST, 3:02 AM HST.

Listen to Evan Cutler, Founder, TSA Watch, interviewed by Rhett Palmer, on WAXE 1370am/107.9fm.

Evanjoins the likes of Henry Winkler, George Bush, Carly Simon and Ghandi, also interviewed by Mr. Rhett Palmer.

This interview is promising to be somewhat less celebratory oriented, and perhaps a lot more serious.

Rhett Palmer Interviewing George Bush, Jr., who presided over the creation of the TSA. Next, he Interviews Evan Cutler, founder of TSA Watch, as we figure out how to prevent further abuses by the TSA.

Also, to learn more about Rhett, visit his website at