Postponed: TSA Watch Live in Chicago & Wisconsin – The Stan Miliam Show – Date Pending

Postponed UPDATE:  Today’s Stan Miliam Show interview Postponed
Wednesday, August 12th – 12:30

Well, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Today’s appearance on the Stan Miliam Show is postponed. The producer forgot to tell the host TSA Watch was scheduled.

They apologized and will reschedule. Such is life. Accidents happen, and we appreciate the publicity we do get.

Stay tuned…at present, our next scheduled radio interview is broadcasting from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, this Sunday, on Jim Brown’s Common Sense Radio Program, Clear Channel Radio, Genesis Communications Network.

We will post details on that tomorrow.


Below is the previous announcement on the show that was postponed today.
TSA Watch founder, Evan Cutler will be interviewed in the Chicagoland/Milwaukee/Madison  listening Area on The Stan Miliam Show Wednesday morning.


11:05 AM Central Time, Wednesday, August 12, 2015.  

Click here, to Listen Live tomorrow morning,

Visit for more station details.

Thanks to Scott Shondell for the booking, and Stan Miliam for the interview!

Stan Miliam – Host of The Stan Miliam Show, 1380 AM, ” a radio talk show focused on local news, events and ideas designed to prompt constructive conversation.”



TSA Watch Chicago & Wisconsin Radio Interview – The Stan Miliam Show – Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 12th at 11:05 AM Central Daylight Time