Introducing TSA Watch, a new Citizen Watchdog Group that will force the TSA to clean up their act.

Introducing TSA Watch, a new Citizen Watchdog Group that will force the TSA to clean up their act.

Too many of our family, friends, and fellow travelers have been violated by agents of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  While some may argue the need for federal security at airports, one thing is clear–it is not the American way to sacrifice fundamental liberty for temporary security.  Whenever there are those who use security as an excuse to violate our property, our privacy, or our dignity, there need to be champions brave enough to stand up and draw a line.

We are creating TSA Watch, a new national non-profit membership organization to advocate for the right to travel without harassment and to be free of unwarranted search and seizure.

There truly is safety in numbers.  Like “Neighborhood Watch” groups around the country, the key is to recruit enough members to make our presence known.  And to do that, we need to get the message out widely—including letting people know that the TSA can’t put you on a “no-fly” list for joining us.  Those lists are handled by the FBI, not the TSA.

With a broad-based membership, both seen and unseen, our very presence can act to deter abuses by agents of the TSA.

And where that is not enough, we will document violations and bring the worst offenders to the attention of the TSA and the public.

TSA Watch will work to educate and organize members to document and even video record the TSA in action.  We will help them to prepare and submit complaints about inappropriate TSA agent behavior, and to demand compliance with the Fourth Amendment.  And where possible, we will help them to prosecute for theft and molestations, and for other violations of travelers’ rights, dignity, and property.

As an organization, we will use web and phone app tools to collect complaint reports, map hot spots (sources of repeated complaints), and hold the TSA and their agents accountable for their actions.  We will utilize professional tool-sets to document TSA misbehavior including sworn witness testimony, audio and visual recording, and new technologies for tracking items missing from passenger luggage.

Our members will receive articles and videos on how to deal with the TSA, TSA Watch tags and locks for their luggage, and members’ services, including member discussion areas, help filing complaints, and more.  A phone app will be developed to help members through the TSA security zones, document the process, and make filing complaints easy—and more effective.  We will also provide and/or sell products useful for holding the TSA accountable and for promoting TSA Watch, including chips to track items, in-luggage cable locks to prevent theft during searches, and protocols for properly documenting claims.  Other services may include a variety of seminars, litigation classes, legal insurance, legal counsel and other assistance.

To this end, we are seeking $35,000 to create a stalwart legal and multimedia infrastructure while we prepare for our true public launch, a national multimedia membership and funding campaign.
So far we have one angel committed for 10% of the total and several interested parties.

We are poised to begin, and seek immediate funding.  We sure could use your help—even if you think it’s not much.

Thank you for your support,

Evan Cutler, Founding Director