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TSA Watch – Keys to Success – Membership Campaign Launch

Rome was not built in a day, and neither will this organization be built in one day.  First we prepare to “Launch,” then we Launch and recruit members,  then we make change.

The TSA Watch *Launch* has four distinct phases:

Phase I: Raising funds to prepare for a massive membership recruitment campaign.

Phase II: Building multimedia and web infrastructure for the massive membership campaign.

Phase III: Launching a 1-month national blitz campaign to recruit the first 20,000+ members — And the funds for phone and web application development, national media campaign development and distribution.

Phase IV: Activating and equipping these first 20,000+ members to document TSA violations of rights, dignity and property, to grow this organization to over 1 million members, and to demand change.

Keys for Success

1. Funding the TSA Watch Membership Campaign Launch:

Goal: Raise enough money to properly prepare for a successful, professional level massive public membership launch campaign.

This is the phase we are in now, with the www.gofundme.com/TSAWatch effort.

Preparing a successful, professional quality campaign deserves a full-time, focused effort among the start-up team. It also requires infrastructure and tools that cost money. A well planned and executed campaign will set the theme for this organization and the baseline of quality and respect for it among the public.

This is a national campaign, and requires a mature, sophisticated approach. Anyone can launch a public campaign, but those that best succeed, do so because their organizers have taken the time to establish a firm foundation and marketing strategy. This requires time and attention to detail, preparation of targeted marketing messages, and creation of logistical infrastructure so that response to the campaign does not overwhelm the ability of the organizers to cope.

We aim to have a one month window from the launch to the conclusion of the public membership raising campaign. That time can best be leveraged if the prep work has been done well. The team will thereby be free to speak with the media, efficiently network with other organizations, and do everything else we can to spread the message.

2. Multimedia Preparation:
Create topnotch promotional videos with supplementary information, to explain the project goals, needs, and routes to participation. With each person, we have just one opportunity to make a first impression and inculcate support or distaste. Due diligence in this area makes all the difference.

We’ve already created rough media to recruit people this far, but we need to up the professionalism a notch for a real national launch.  That means original footage, not just screen grabs from amateur videos and rough graphics.  We can film and direct better media–but we need the proper tools and professionals to do so.  To that end we need volunteers and money.

We will start the 20,000+ member campaign with one central video and boost the campaign with a series of at least 4 to 6 single focus videos already in the can (ready to share) before the real campaign launch.

This series of videos will give more detailed attention to specific problems people have with the TSA (sexual molestation, theft, embarrassment, delay, hypocrisy, & inconsistency) and how we can solve them.

We will also provide progress reports and respond to supporter feedback regularly during the campaign.

Supplementary information includes text, photos, and links to other information that comprehensively explores and explains all issues covered in the videos.

3. Develop and execute an excellent marketing plan for the launch, utilizing proven tools and social media channels for information dispersal.

Our plan includes advertising in Radio-TV Interview Report to attract interest of talk shows during the launch (thousands of show producers review this publication for guests and show ideas). We also will network via proven social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Meetup.Com, Twitter, and so on.  We are already doing that, but we need to have a team to take that to another level.

Most importantly, we need to focus on getting the word out to like-minded allies, of which there are many. The organizers are already well networked with many of these groups, and can build on these relationships to expand our reach.  But it takes time to make introductions, build relationships, and coordinate timing with allies.  This is all part of proper preparation.

4. Make sure all infrastructure is working, vetted as legal, and ready to go before the massive membership campaign launch.

This means the website & database need to be replaced from this rough version, build robust enough for tens of thousands of hits per day, and ready for membership inquiry and growth.

Also, both the legal infrastructure and public language must be vetted by lawyers and found sound, and the banking infrastructure must be secure and ready to go, with professional bookkeepers and a skilled CPA retained as necessary.

We may direct all crowd-funding to a funding site like kickstarter or gofundme, but we also need to be ready internally, the moment that is over, without so much as a hiccup, to move beyond the initial membership blitz, with day to day operations as more people continue to donate and join.

This requires more than simple activism mentality, but the smooth administration of all the business aspects as well.

5. We must expand the project team by recruiting the best people for this project.

This is already happening, but there are a few key roles that need to be filled for both the advisory board and the production team.

6. Always stay attentive to hear what people are telling us, and continuously adapt and improve our efforts accordingly.

Through sustained focus on the above six keys, we anticipate enjoying excellent success with the Kick Start Phase of TSA Watch, and will be able to hit the ground running with ample resources, a growing team, and a membership base of at least 20,000 people nationwide.

If you see the wisdom in focusing on these Keys to Success, please consider joining us today.

Contact us directly to arrange your support, or visit www.gofundme.com/TSAWatch to make your donation today.  All donors automatically become members.

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