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Mission Statement:
TSA Watch will serve the traveling public, American citizens and visitors, by working to ensure that personal liberty is not sacrificed in the pursuit of national security.  For the first time, the public will enjoy a centralized place to share their own complaints about the TSA, get help with filing official complaints against the TSA, and work together to seek redress of grievances and a halt to TSA’s worst patterns of violating human rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness.

Currently, there are numerous TSA-related violations being reported in a haphazard manner across the Internet, but there has not been an organization that engages in the collection of this information or that has acted to address these injustices.   Complaints vary, but the top five areas of complaint include:

1. Theft of personal property,

2. Damage to personal property,

3. Sexual violations by TSA agents groping the breasts, genitals, and other private areas of a person’s body,

4. Abusive language and attitude directed by the agents to people, and

5. Arbitrary delay of travelers causing them to miss their connections, which leads to lost work, happiness, and opportunity.

We will address these violations by:

1) creating TSA Watch, a new national membership organization,
2) bringing to light the frequent violations of travelers’ person, property, and dignity currently made by TSA personnel,
3) by documenting patterns of these abuses,
4) by promoting justice through investigation of those TSA divisions and personnel perpetuating the most egregious violations, and
5) drawing public scrutiny to these abuses through every medium available.

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