Almost There!

information overload
Huge apologies for delays on the website. The short story is we are real close to implementing some major improvements in functionality and appearance. Bear with us a tiny bit longer!

The long story: We got the new message forum added, then had some trouble with configuring the membership and login system–we wanted to allow user profile creation, user groups, and easy sharing across social media platforms.

That led to researching a system to allow people to use social logins, those from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and so on. Which brought up compatibility issues with the Forum and membership profile systems. That in turn led us to our theme development options, which led to more compatibility questions in regards to forms, forums, membership, social connect, commerce, merchant card acceptance and more.

For each of these feature sets, there are multiple tools available, so choosing the best ones is a balance of functionality of each feature set along with compatibility of all the feature sets together–in a way that won’t negatively impact site speed or user experience.  We are, after all, making the communications backbone for the new growth phase of this organization.  It has to work.

This is finally all figured out for now, and we are back to implementation. Keep your fingers crossed. This could be quick from this point on…at least for the usability portion…our Theme capabilities are pretty amazing. We hope you like what we do!

Thanks for all of your support and patience,